Rules are not meant to be broken.   In order to keep a fair playing field and make the UGC experience pleasurable for all please see the rules below. 


Event Rules Document




1.     The “Jr. Rush” Eventis comprised of one (1) youth competitor between the ages of 10 to 16 or the legal age to hunt per state regulations.  One (1) adult to accompany the youth in the field and one (1) hunting dog if desired. This team has a predetermined amount of time to safely harvest three (3) birds in the field. Youth competitors must supply a copy of hunter’s education certification prior to competing in the UGC. This event is for fun, and no time or score will be taken.

2.     The “Rush” Event is comprised of one (1) competitor and one (1) hunting dog. This team will have 2 runs of 10 minutes per run to safely harvest a maximum of six (6) birds. Each run will have three (3) birds planted in a field for the dog to locate and handler to harvest the birds. Once the three (3) birds are located and retrieved back to handler’s hand the time will stop. Field size will be approximately 5 acres. Six shells are allowed per run.  The following species of birds may be used: chukar, quail and or pheasants.

3.     The “Banded Hustle” Event is comprised of three (3) hunters and up to three (3) dogs. This team will have 40 minutes to safely harvest a maximum of 24 birds and delivered the birds back to the judge. The field will be approximately 25 acres. No shell limit will apply. The following bird species may be used: chukar, quail and/or pheasants.



1.     Electronic collars are permitted.

2.     Competitors cannot run a check cord or leash on their dogs during the competition run.

3.     The UGC requires that all competitors, bird planters, judges and spectators sign a liability and promotional release prior to the start of each event.

4.     One extra bird must be set for the first competitive run of the day in each field.

5.     Any bird(s) witnessed leaving the field will be reported to the judge and the bird(s) will be replaced prior to the run.

6.     Judges and bird planters are not allowed to compete in the same division that they are scoring.

7.     All fields will be clearly marked by posts and/or an obvious natural boundary or other measures. It is the competitor’s responsibility to learn this information prior to each run.

8.     It is not a requirement of the UGC for a dog to be purebred or registered to compete.

9.     Bitches in heat may be allowed to run at the end of an event as to not interfere with other dogs.  The runs will be back to back.



Player Conduct:

1.     All competitors and those affiliated with a competitor agree to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike, responsible manner. Competitors will not engage in behavior that damages the image of the UGC, sponsors or other competitors.

2.     All competitors agree to refrain from behavior and language that might be perceived as threatening or offensive.

3.     All competitors will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct with other individuals or dogs.

4.     All competitors agree to respect the decisions of the judges decisions.

5.     Rulings of judges are final.

6.     All competitors understand that they are financially responsible for all fees and costs associated with competing in the UGC.

7.     All competitors are responsible for being on time to their runs.

8.     All competitors agree not to use alcohol or any controlled substance prior to or while competing.

9.     It is the responsibility of the participants to learn the rules. Not knowing the rules will not be grounds for protest.


Safety Rules:

1.     A safe shot is the responsibility of the shooter. The UGC has no liability for accidents occurring at a UGC event.

2.     A blaze orange vest and/or cap must be worn while competing in the UGC.

3.     Running is not allowed while competing in the UGC.  The referee will let competitor know what an acceptable pace is.  The referee will give one warning; a second warning will result in automatic disqualification in that run.

4.     No bird may be shot while on the ground.

5.     No bird is to be shot at unless it is safe to do so.

6.     Firearms are to be free of ammunition and the action or chamber open when not competing. Any competitor deemed to be negligent of safe gun handling risks immediate disqualification and banishment from future UGC events.

7.     Only OEM produced loads are allowed during competition. Competitors using a twelve (12) gauge are allowed to use shells no longer than (2 ¾”) inch in length and no greater than size (6) shot. Competitors using a twenty (20) gauge are allowed to use (3”) shells and loads no greater than size (6) shot.

8.     Safety is always the responsibility of the shooter and will be respected. A judge may call a safety at any time.  A safety is called when someone may be deemed at risk with the shot.

9.     Competitors shall keep their dogs on a leash at all times when not competing in a field. Competitors are responsible for the actions of their dogs.


1.     When a disqualification is determined, only the competitor will be disqualified. The dog may continue to compete in the UGC. Reasons for disqualification include the following:

a.     Unsafe or reckless use of firearm

b.     Poor sportsmanship

c.     Use of alcohol or drugs prior to or during competition

d.     Mistreating a dog on or off the competition field

e.     Failure to adhere to the rules of the UGC

f.       Leaving dead birds or bird parts intentionally on the playing field

g.     Harvesting more birds than the quota

2.     Entry fees are forfeited and non-refundable in the event a disqualification is levied.


Competitor/Competition Sheet:

1.     All information on the competition sheet is the responsibility of the handler/competitor.

2.     Competition sheets must be verified for all data entry and signed by handler/competitor after each run. Signed competition sheets are final with the exception of mathematical error.

3.     Competitors are not allowed to walk the field being used prior to the competition.

4.     All protest with a ruling must happen immediately. The referee will stop the timer, and the competitor will talk with the judge on the ruling. Referee has final say in ruling. Once the protest is completed, the competitor is allowed to finish run if desired (if competitor was not disqualified).


Scoring “Rush” Event:

1.     Twenty (20) points are awarded for every bird harvested and returned to the handler.

2.     No points are awarded for shot birds that are not retrieved within one step to handler’s hand.

3.     No points will be awarded for pointing division dogs that do not point for three (3) seconds and handler proceeds to harvest.

4.     No points will be awarded for partial retrieves.  Retrieves not delivered to within one step of the handler's hand.

5.     Full points will be awarded for shot birds that land in a place that the dog cannot retrieve due to safety of the dog and/or an obstacle.

6.     No points will be awarded for trapped or caught birds in the pointing division

7.     Full points will be awarded for a safety.

8.     Non-performing birds will be awarded full points.

9.     Points will be accumulated from both runs minus the time of both runs for total score. Example ( 5 birds x 20pts = 100pts - 5 min. 35 sec. Total Ultimate Hunting Score (UHS) is 94.65).

10.  High score wins event.

11.  Event scores will accumulate for the team-of-the-year champions in pointing and flushing divisions.



Scoring “Banded Hustle” Event:

1.     Fifty (50) points will be awarded per bird that is bagged and given to judge.

2.     Time will stop when last player exits the event field.

3.     Score will be 50 points per bird minus time equals total score. Example (20 birds x 50pts = 1,000pts - 30 min. 30 secs.  Total Ultimate Hunting Score (UHS) is 969.30 points

4.     High point score wins event.

5.     Event scores will accumulate for points leader of the year.


Timing “Rush” Event:

1.     Time will start when handler starts each run and will stop when handler has third bird in hand or when maximum time ends.

2.     Time will be recorded in minutes and seconds.

3.     Once the hunt has begun, the clock can only be stopped at the discretion of the judge.


Timing “Banded Hustle” Event:

1.     Time will start when the first hunter enters the field.

2.     Time will stop when last hunter exits field or maximum time is reached.

3.     Once the hunt has begun, the clock can only be stopped at the discretion of the judge.


Tie Breaker:

1.     In case of a tie, a field will be planted with one (1) bird.

2.     Handler and dog will have 10 minutes to locate and harvest bird and dog return bird to handler.

3.     Fastest time wins event.


Pointing Labs:

1.     Pointing labs will need to be declared at their first event if they are going to run in either pointing or flushing for the tournament year. They are unable to compete in both.


Pointing Division Rules:

1.     Dog must locate and point bird for three (3) seconds.

2.     Handler will let judge know verbally or by raising a hand when dog goes onto point.

3.     Handler has to stop and not proceed to dog once the handler calls out point.

4.     Once judge counts to 3, the judge will notify handler to flush bird.

5.     Pointing dog that traps or catches bird will not receive credit for bird.

6.     Dog and handler must stay steady for 3 seconds while on point.


Flushing Division Rules:

1.     A flushed bird is a bird that takes flight due to the dog’s actions.

2.     A flushing dog must flush or cause the bird to take flight for bird to be counted.

3.     A flushing dog may trap or catch bird and return bird to handler for credit.


“Banded Hustle” Event Rules:

1.     All hunters must stay inside of boundaries.

2.     Dogs can be pointing and or flushing dogs.

3.     Pointing dogs do not have to point for any time frame.

4.     Hunters may carry as many shells as they deem necessary.

5.     Time starts when first hunter enters field.

6.     Time ends when last hunter exits field or maximum time limit.



1.     Boundaries will be clearly marked by poles and/or natural obstacles.

2.     Handler must stay inside boundaries.  Dog may leave boundaries to retrieve bird that has been shot.

3.     Handler and dog can only pursue birds that are in the hunting field.


Miscellaneous Rules:

1.     Rules and regulations may be amended by UGC.

2.     Participants are responsible for knowing the rules.  Not knowing the rules will not be grounds for protest.

3.     Manipulation of the rules will not be tolerated.

4.     When finished with runs, dog will be immediately leashed and exit field after signing competition sheet.


UGC Season:

1.     UGC total points accumulated will be from January to October.  These points will determine qualifiers for UGC’s nationals.

2.     UGC participants will compete for Trophies, Ribbons, Plaques and prizes .