The UGC was created to provide the best competitive experience in the Hunting industry.  The UGC wants to bridge the gap of the Off-Season lull.  It is now ON in the Off-season!  The Ultimate Gundog Championship consists of three main events.  The Jr. RUSH, the RUSH and the BANDED HUSTLE. 

1). The Jr. RUSH:  Let your kiddo experience the thrills of the hunt in a safe controlled environment.  Let the UGC get them hooked on the hunt!  Good or Bad... they won't quit talking about their experience!


2). The RUSH: Adrenaline flies through your veins as you compete against yourself and the others looking for the same thrill.  Will you beat your existing time?  Will you be able to make the shots as your heart is pounding?  Will your hunting dog help you tie it all together?  Good luck and enjoy the RUSH!


3). The BANDED HUSTLE: Can your Band of friends pull off the ultimate hunt?  The action packed HUSTLE will leave you with an experience like no other!  You must work as a team and devour the field leaving no bird behind.   Let the yells begin and the high fives be dealt.  The BANDED HUSTLE will never let you down!




The Ultimate Gundog Championship Rules: 

 1). The Jr. RUSH is designed for those under the age of 14.  We realize all kids have been introduced to hunting at a different age so we are not strict on the age.  Three Chukars will be planted and tagged to allow them to experience the RUSH of the flush.  The parent will walk the course with them to help them feel at ease and develop confidence in the hunting situation.  Let's get these kiddos outside hunting!

2). The RUSH: a single person and one gundog will hunt a 10 acre field. There will be three birds planted in the field the hunter must have their dog point the bird (hold the point for 3 seconds), flush the bird, shoot the bird, and then the dog must retrieve the bird to the hunter's hand or within 2 steps. The hunter and dog must repeat this until all three birds have been shot and retrieved. The hunter who harvests the most birds the fastest wins. 10 Minute maximum.

The RUSH will be held at every event and be offered in flushing, and pointing divisions. This competition is open to all gundogs and no previous hunt test title through any organization is required in order to participate. Dogs of all abilities will be entered into a single event and the best time wins.  The objective of the RUSH is for dog/handler teams to find, flush or point and retrieve shot birds (3 total) in the fastest time.

The RUSH event will be using a participants 2 rounds. When the participant runs 2 times, we will take the total harvested bird count for the two rounds in the fastest time and use against the other competitors when determining placement in the event.

Shell sizes:

12 gauge limited to 2 ¾ inch sizes 8 to 6’s for chucker. 20 gauge limited to 2 ¾ or 3 inch sizes 8 to 5’s for chucker.

Time: Time stops when the third bird is retrieved and is in hand of the handler.

Ties: Will be determined first by total birds and then the time will determine the tie breaker. Official times will use 2 digits (hundreths) to help reduce instances of a tie between teams.  (Example: official time 5:15.23).  In case of a tie, the time at which the 2 rounds of 6 bird encounters will be used.

Hunter orange vest and orange hat required by anyone in an event field. Youth have a mandatory safety glass and hearing protection requirement.

NOTE: handlers remain stationary after shots are fired, so the dog would need to retrieve all birds within 2 steps of the handler.

3).   The BANDED HUSTLE: a three man team with three gundogs will hunt a 30 acre field. There will be 24 birds blindly planted in the field. The three hunters and three gundogs have 45 mins to hunt the field. Each bird must be shot by the hunters or captured by the gundog. The most birds shot and retrieved in the 45 minutes wins.

 This event is for 3 hunter teams. Up to 3 dogs of any breed are permitted and there are no penalties for shells shot. The rules are simple.

Each team has 45 minutes from start of hunt to finish to place as many birds on the hanging board as possible. In order for the birds to count, they must be “table worthy”, not blown apart or mangled breast, and must have head attached to bird. All teams must stay inside their designated fields.

Any birds deemed unworthy or headless will be disqualified and not count toward the total amount.

Any teams that are caught hunting outside their fields or causing interference to another team will be penalized 5 birds off their final total score.

All hunters must be out of the field when 45 min mark is reached.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be given to the top three teams team members along with any sponsor prizes or cash pot.